How to get a debt-free engineering degree


Female students interested in pursuing a career in chemical, mechanical, electrical, or industrial engineering; Bennett College and North Carolina A & T University have a dual degree partnership just for you.

Dual Degree Offerings

The following dual-degree options are offered:

  • Chemistry/Chemical Engineering NC A&T State University (NC A&T), B.S.
  • Mathematics/Mechanical Engineering (NC A&T), B.S.
  • Mathematics/Electrical Engineering (NC A&T), B.S.
  • Mathematics/Industrial Engineering (NC A&T), B.S.

Interested students will have the best of both HBCU worlds: a women's college with a rich history across the street from the university that touts having the "Greatest Homecoming on Earth."

Scholarship Offerings

Bennett College Scholarships:

Scholarship GPA Requirement Reward
Illustrious GPA 4.0 or higher $20,000 (residential) $10,000 (commuter)
Presidential GPA 3.8 - 3.99 $15,000 (residential) $ 7,500 (commuter)

Cost of Dual Degree Tuition

The best part about the dual degree offerings is that students pay Bennett's tuition which is considerably less than North Carolina A&T University.

Bennett College offers generous scholarships and no test scores are required. For example, if a student is awarded the Illustrious Scholarship she can earn a four-year dual degree through Bennett for LESS than the cost of one year at North Carolina A&T University!

Additionally, If the student is Pell eligible or has additional scholarships she could earn a debt-free degree!

Cost Comparison - including tuition, fees, room and board:

University Cost of attendance
North Carolina A & T University $30,775
Bennett College $27,127

Through the dual enrollment program, you are only responsible for paying Bennett College!

Let's explore an example of how you can achieve a debt-free graduation with an engineering degree:

Bennett College Tuition $27,127
Illustrious Scholarship -$20,000.00
Full Pell Grant Award -$6,345.00
Part-time job or savings -$782.00
Total owed $0.00

NOTE: If you are not fully Pell or Pell-eligible the annual $7,127 difference can be paid using scholarships or savings from a part-time job. Also, Bennett College is a United Negro College Fund school and they have tons of scholarships

How to apply 

Ready to take the first steps to earn your debt-free engineering degree?

Follow these 3 easy steps:

  1. Apply to Bennett College (no test scores required)
  2. Choose major: mathematics or chemistry
  3. Add Bennett College to FAFSA

For more information, visit Bennet College's Website.

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