HBCU Ivy League Medical School Partnership: Brown-Tougaloo Partnership


Tougaloo College, a small HBCU in Mississippi, and Brown University, a predominantly white Ivy-league school in Rhode Island, formed a little-known partnership in 1964. The Brown-Tougaloo Partnership includes 13 opportunities including designated spots specifically for Tougaloo students in the Brown University medical and public health schools through the Early Identification Program.

Partnership in Public Health Program

Brown-Tougaloo Partnership in Public Health is a six year program that offers Tougaloo College sophomores an early admission option and a full-tuition scholarship to Brown University’s Master of Public Health degree program. Selected students study at Tougaloo for four years and upon completion with a bachelor’s degree they begin study at Brown University to earn their Master of Public Health (MPH).

The program was designed to be a 4+2 program but Tougaloo students could complete the program in five years if they study at Brown University for two semesters and one summer during their undergraduate studies at Tougaloo College.


  • Completion of Tougaloo College undergraduate degree
  • Complete all Brown MPH Program Requirements
  • Earn at least a “B” in the following Tougaloo College courses:
  • Introduction to Public Health and Epidemiology
  • Biostatistics
  • Research Methods in Public Health and Epidemiology
  • Ethics, Medicine, and Technology

EIP Medical School Program 

Brown’s Alpert Medical School Early Identification Program identifies up to three Tougaloo College sophomores for early admission as Brown Medical students and upon completion of pre-medical training at Tougaloo College they are guaranteed spots in the Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University. In preparation for matriculation into medical school Tougaloo students are required to do research at Brown University and participate in the exchange program. The Brown’s Alpert Medical School Early Identification Program also offers:

  • Fee waivers
  • MCAT waivers
  • Application support
  • Spend an academic semester at Brown University during their junior or senior year
  • Participate in professional development events with their future Brown University medical school classmates
  • “Month of Medical School” program – 4 week first-year medical student immersion program for undergraduates

Other programs offered by the Brown-Tougaloo Partnership

High School programs 

JPS-Tougaloo Early College High School

Established in 2007, the Bernstein Scholars Program supports research initiatives led by students, aiming to enhance student learning and strengthen the collaborative bond between Brown University and Tougaloo College.

Undergraduate Programs

Student Semester Exchange Program

Founded in 1964, the Semester Exchange Program offers undergraduates the chance to study at the partner institution for one semester, and since its inception, over 300 students have benefited from this opportunity. Brown University handles financial aid awards for both Tougaloo and Brown students participating in the Semester Exchange. Brown is dedicated to fully covering tuition and required fees for Tougaloo students during their exchange at Brown each academic year. Financial assistance for additional costs, such as campus housing, meal plans, travel, and personal expenses, depends on the demonstrated financial need of the student. The transfer of credits for courses completed during an exchange semester is subject to the policies and approval procedures of the home institution.

Civil Rights Intensive Experience

Tougaloo College offers Brown University students a unique chance to learn about Mississippi's history and culture during spring break. This opportunity is part of the Brown-Tougaloo Partnership.

Brown students can apply for a week-long Civil Rights Spring Break Trip at Tougaloo College, led by a Brown University scholar in civil rights and social justice. This trip has two main goals. First, it allows students to explore and appreciate Mississippi's rich history and culture, helping them better understand the nation as a whole. Second, it strengthens the long-standing Brown-Tougaloo partnership, which has been in place for over 50 years, and encourages Brown students to consider a future semester-long exchange program with Tougaloo College.

The Black Lavender Experience

The Black Lavender Experience (BLX) is a convergence of theater and conversation initiated by Queer artists of color. It spans four days and features thought-provoking theatrical performances, dramatic presentations, and engaging discussions. Artists and students from Tougaloo College and Brown University participate, contributing their voices to the event.

Bonner Scholars

The Bonner Community Fellows program, run by Brown University's Swearer Center for Public Service, lets students combine their interests in helping their community with their school and future job plans. In their second year of high school, students go on a week-long trip to Tougaloo College. They learn more about the Civil Rights Movement by meeting people from the Tougaloo community, talking to local activists, and visiting places in the Mississippi Delta region.

Faculty Exchanges

The Faculty Exchange Program aims to enhance the partnership between the two institutions by fostering connections among faculty members. Faculty participants have the option to deliver a single lecture, conduct a series of lectures or workshops, or engage in discussions with their colleagues to explore potential teaching collaborations.

Summer School

The Brown University Undergraduate Summer Session opens its doors to Tougaloo College undergraduates, offering them the chance to enroll in courses during the summer. This program features small class sizes across a range of subjects, spanning from anthropology to visual arts. With approximately 500 students participating in the Summer Session, classes are usually intimate, fostering engaging discussions, strong peer support, and ample interaction with instructors.

Tougaloo students can take 1-2 courses for a fee of $300, which covers both meals and housing. This opportunity is available to Tougaloo undergraduate students in good academic standing and Michelle Obama Scholars.

iProv Fellowship

The iProv Fellowship, which is a joint effort between the Swearer Center and Career LAB, offers Brown and Tougaloo undergraduate students a $4,000 stipend. They can use this stipend for full-time internships lasting 8-10 weeks with nonprofit organizations in the greater Providence area. These students become part of a structured and supportive group that meets regularly to develop skills and abilities for community involvement.

Bernstein Scholars Program

Established in 2007, the Bernstein Scholars Program provides funding for research projects led by students. These projects aim to enhance student learning and strengthen the partnership between Brown University and Tougaloo College.

Graduate programs

Graduate Teaching Exchange

The Graduate Teaching Exchange program at Brown University enables advanced doctoral candidates to teach undergraduate courses at Tougaloo College in Tougaloo, Mississippi, for a duration of 1-2 semesters. This initiative is geared towards achieving several goals: building expertise in undergraduate teaching, immersing graduate students into faculty life, giving them the experience of instructing a diverse student body in a rural college environment, and contributing to the enrichment of Tougaloo College's core curriculum.

Undergraduate and graduate programs

Early Identification Program (EIP) in Medicine

The Alpert Medical School's Early Identification Program (EIP) in Medicine offers Tougaloo pre-med students the chance to apply for early admission, contributing 3% to the MD class of 2023. This program includes fee and MCAT waivers, application help, and recruitment at Tougaloo.

The EIP for Tougaloo students began in 1976 as an entryway to Brown Medical School. Exceptional students aiming for a medical career can apply, spending a semester at Brown before joining Medical School.

The EIP program is a collaboration between Brown's Medical School and several colleges, including Providence College, Rhode Island College, the University of Rhode Island, and Tougaloo College. It secures a spot at Brown for selected students, provided they maintain good grades and graduate college. Students identified by their premedical advisor in their sophomore year engage in professional development and attend medical school after earning their bachelor's degree. Generally, each school can admit up to two students annually through this program.

Partnership in Public Health Program

The Partnership in Public Health Program offers a way for Tougaloo sophomores to apply early for admission to Brown University's Master of Public Health (MPH) program. Students split their time between Tougaloo College and Brown University, ultimately earning a bachelor's degree from Tougaloo and an MPH degree from Brown.

This program takes either five or six years, depending on each student's needs and academic journey. For the initial four years, students are officially Tougaloo undergraduates, and then they become Brown graduate students in the fifth year, with the option of a sixth year if needed.

This article was originally published April 27th, 2021 on Hbcuinfominute.com

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